Watertek Group Becoming the First Military-Civilian Integration Unit Launching "Two Standards Integrating" System Construction in the Intellectual Property Domain

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On July 19, 2018, Beijing Watertek Information Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as "Watertek Group") held a kick-off conference for the "two standards integrating" (GB/T29490-2013 Enterprises' Intellectual Property Management Regulations, and GJB9158-2017 Equipment Suppliers' Intellectual Property Management Requirements) intellectual property system construction. As the first military-civilian integration unit launching "two standards integrating" intellectual property management system construction, the Group attaches great importance to the standards implementation of intellectual property, and strives to comb and establish a set of scientific intellectual property management systems through such standards implementation, improve the comprehensive ability in managing the Company's intellectual property, prevent risks brought to intellectual property, and enhance the core competitiveness of the Company.


Enterprises' Intellectual Property Management Regulations, as the first national standard for the management of enterprises' intellectual property, provides an intellectual property management model based on process and method. In the standardized management of intellectual property, apart from the basic requirements of national standards, Equipment Suppliers' Intellectual Property Management Requirements is added with special requirements in military personalization. These two intellectual property management regulations cover the intellectual property management activities in various links like the production, sales, purchase, project approval and development of enterprises. It's very important and meaningful for Watertek, as military-civilian high-tech enterprise, to integrate and implement these two standards. In order to successfully finish the standards implementation, the Company specially hired Yangliping Consultation Co., Ltd., owing rich experience in the intellectual property certifying and consulting field, as the standards implementation consulting company, to jointly accomplish the system construction, striving to integrate the essence of standards into the management and development of enterprise to "really implement standards, and implement real standards".


In the kick-off conference, XIE Junwei, the vice president of Watertek Group, mobilized standards implementation, described the importance of standards implementation from the internal and external environments, transformation and application of intellectual property, and other aspects, and required all departments under the Group and the First Business Division to provide assistance for the standards implementation. In the conference, the vice president XIE Junwei appointed SHEN Feng, the deputy general manager of the First Business Division, as the management representative of intellectual property management system.


So far, Watertek Group owns over 300 intellectual properties including patents and trademarks. In the Company, there are specially-assigned staffs to conduct intellectual property management. It is believed that the standards implementation will largely promote the standardization and systemaltization of enterprise's intellectual property management, further improve staffs' degree of recognition to intellectual property, and lead the intellectual property management to a new stage.



Site of Kick-off Conference

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