Laboratory Qualifications

CNAS Qualification

CMA Metrological Certification Qualification

National Integrated Circuit Public Service Platform Testing Sub-center

China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Products and Software Assessment Center

Reliability Test Center

Engineering Qualifications

Class-A Computer Information Integration involving state secrets

Grade-1Specialized Contracting of Architectural Intelligent Engineering Projects

Class-A Specialized Contracting of Architectural Intelligent System

Grade-1 Audio-Video Integration Engineering Enterprise Qualification

Grade-1 Specialized Contracting of Mechanical and Electrical
Equipment Installation Engineering Projects

Grade-1 Security Engineering Project

Special Contracting Qualification for the Weak Current System Engineering in Airports’
Air Pipe Engineering Machine Terminal

Special Contracting Qualification for Electronic Engineering Project

Special Contracting Qualification for Architectural Decoration and
Finishing Engineering Project

Status in the Industry

National-Level High-Tech Enterprises

Beijing "Corporate Technology Center"

Beijing Municipal-Level Corporate Technology Research and Development Organization

Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise

Enterprise in "Ten Hundred Thousand Project"

Five-Star Gazelle Member

Chairman Unit in the Embedded System Sub-branch of China Software Association

Vice-President Unit of Beijing Software and Information Services Association

Deputy-secretary-general Unit of China Embedded System Industry Alliance

Vice-chairman Unit of Zhongguancun Dependable Computing Industry Alliance

Initiating Unit of Nationwide Satellite Civil Industry Alliance

Executive-director Unit of Beijing Software Industry Association

Vice-chairman Unit of China Energy Conservation Association

Deputy-director Unit of the Intelligent Building Committee of China Construction Association

Chairman Unit of ESCO Committee of China Energy Conservation Association (EMCA)

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