The Investigating Group of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) Visited XGIC

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On April 14, the fifth investigating group led by HUANG Rong, the vice-chairman of ACFIC and assistant foreman of Military-civilian Integration Development Group under ACFIC, visited Xi'an Xigu Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XGIC) in the accompany of the chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce.


The general manager BAI Wei of XGIC made a detailed work report to the team of the vice president HUANG Rong. So far, the Company has formed a complete professional system and a technical service platform with profound technology and obvious characteristics, and also became the leading private enterprise in the detection of military components, independent from the test, screening, DPA, failure analysis, environment test, quality and reliability test of electronic components and other relevant technical services provided by the suppliers and users. Now, the Company has overall capability, qualification and internally advanced technology of the third-party electronic component detecting organization, and has established several mixed-ownership military-civilian integration enterprises under the strong support of the national military-civilian integration policy, which is the unique innovative development of "Xigu mode". In particular, the institute of standardization, jointly established by China Ordnance Industry Standardization Institute, Xi'an Sci-Tech Market, and other units, is the only private enterprise engaged in the construction of military-civilian standardization, which makes the military-civilian standards can be legally observed and documented.


The vice president HUANG Rong spoke highly of XGIC’s work achievements. HUANG Rong pointed out that it is not easy for the "private enterprise joining the military industry" to carry out military-civilian integration work for 18 years, and better developing the military-civilian integration of mixed-ownership mode under the national policy environment is an innovative spirit worthy of being supported and encouraged. The construction of standardization institutes, in particular, is a huge and arduous task, so it’s a must to do well, be strong and make some achievements.  


At the end of the report, the vice president HUANG Rong asked the general manager BAI Wei about the problems encountered in the work of military-civilian integration, the causes of the problems and the possible solutions. HUANG Rong pointed out that the military-civilian integration solves not only the problem of the private enterprise joining the military industry, but also the problem about the whole national defense construction and national security. We need to identify the deep-seated problems existing in military-civilian integration, and come up with practical solutions, to facilitate the in-depth development of military-civilian integration.


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