Name Duties Birth Year Gender Education
Chen Jiangtao Chairman of the Board 1961 male Postgraduate Student
Liu Ming Director,General Manager 1966 male Bachelor
Cai Houfu Vice-General Manager,Director 1975 male Bachelor
Xiong Yan Director 1956 male Postgraduate Student
Yu Ming Independent Director 1955 male Postgraduate Student
Li Shaobin Independent Director 1948 male Postgraduate Student
Li Jinghui Independent Director 1965 female Bachelor
Zou Weiming Chairman of Supervisors 1972 male Postgraduate Student
Yan Xiaopin Supervisor 1988 female Postgraduate Student
Xia Lin Supervisor 1972 male


Huang Haitao Vice-General Manager,Secretary of the Board 1976 female Bachelor
Xie Junwei Vice-General Manager 1962 male Postgraduate Student
Zhao Tingrong Vice-General Manager 1965 male Doctoral Student
Zhou Xiang Vice-General Manager 1963 male Postgraduate Student

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