Watertek’s logo is composed of figure, Chinese character and English word.


The big circle and two tangent lines mean that the enterprise follows the spiral rising development track. It originates from ancient philosophy ideology in which it holds the thought of “let nature take its course, abide by the objective laws of development of things, and stress that constant efforts yield sure success”, which embodies that the overall trend will rise spirally according to certain rules. The three corrugated lines symbolize not only sea, but also high-grade high-precision advanced electronic products with current wave, electromagnetic wave and the shape of oscilloscope.


"旋极" takes the Taoism’s philosophy thought.


"Watertek" means that the company has a development momentum same as water moisturizing everything, being modest and inclusive, and integrating sources and wisdoms to surpass others.
The color of the Logo uses blue (C:100 M:60 Y:0 K: 5) as the standard color; black color is pure black.
The logo has been used since 1997 and was officially registered in 2002. In 2012, it was recognized as a famous trademark in Beijing.

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