Smart City

Watertek Group created new-type smart-city intelligent equipment and information service platforms by surrounding the requirements of constructing new-type smart cities and adopting the new-type smart-city construction route driven by data. The businesses mainly cover the smart-city design and plan, smart building, smart energy, smart park, and smart transportation, etc..

●The Blueprint Design of Smart City

Closely combine with the urban development orientation and strategic target, design the general framework of smart city; comprehensively and multi-dimensionally illustrate the idea behind smart city; build the infrastructure system, operation and management system, public service system, technical support system, institutional guarantee system, and target assessment system of smart city; form a new-type smart-city development mode with main characteristics including highly integrated smart technologies, high-level development of smart industries, and efficient and convenient smart services.

●Smart Building

The overall energy-saving solutions for IBMS architecture electric system: surrounding the overall design, it integrates the building automation system, air conditioning control and energy saving system, lighting control and energy saving system, and the power consumption measuring and monitoring system to integrate the solar power system and security control system into the same platform, which provides full services from intelligent building energy saving design to products, project implementation, operation and management.

The overall solution for the clean air in the building: match the purification equipment with the fresh air exchange system, and realize efficient pretreatment in the front to continuously provide “clean and fresh air” for the room and effectively improve the quality of indoor air. In addition, the system adopts the latest IoT technology, air purification equipment and monitoring equipment, and utilizes the self-developed sampling system and system integration platform, and unifies the functions, such as data collection and upload, processing, and control, to form an all-round building environment air quality monitoring and control system with high intelligence and high stability.

●Smart Energy

Smart-energy internet cloud platform: it aims at the energy industry to construct a comprehensive smart-energy internet cloud platform including multiple subsystems of data collection, statistical analysis, auxiliary decision-making, and long-term operation, with goals of realizing efficient energy conservation, energy saving in supply and demand, and behavior energy saving, etc..

Oil & gas service management: we are dedicated to developing and promoting application software products and hardware equipment for the downstream businesses in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. The products and solutions mainly include IC card business management system for gas & oil stations, management system for convenience stores, data collection and monitoring system, loss analysis system, tank gauging management system, oil & gas filling card self-service terminal, self-service payment terminal, and forecourt controller, etc..

●Smart Industrial Park

Create "efficient, safe, convenient, comfortable and energy-saving" smart industrial park to provide the best working space for enterprises, managers and workers in the park. The main construction contents include informatization base, security guarantee, comprehensive energy saving monitoring platform.

●Smart Transportation

Smart airport solution: it is composed of smart airport integrated management platform, civil aviation professional intelligent systems, terminal building intelligent system, and mechanical and electrical civil aviation equipment, etc.. It can provide solutions and services for the terminal, flight area and the management of aircrafts at the same time.

Urban road parking charge management platform: it realizes the rate management of parking charge, parking space management, charge settlement, management personnel management and unified payment management based on wireless communication technology, computer network technology, workflow technology, space information technology and other advanced technologies, and utilizes and integrates the parking charge data to provide functions, such as parking supervision, data analysis, expense settlement and inducing service, to realize the integration, digitization and visualization of charge management.

Member Enterprises

Beijing Tellhow Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd.(smart building, smart-energy internet cloud platform, smart airport solutions)

Beijing Zhongruan Jinka Information Technology Co., Ltd.(oil & gas service management)

Yunwangxinfu Information (Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd.(Smart City)

Beijing Handrun Technology Co., Ltd.(urban road parking)

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