Spatio-temporal Big Data

Watertek Group masters the world's leading geo-space grid technology. It can conduct efficient management and application to the multi-domain data of geo-spaces like earth, sea, sky and aerospace through the basic grid codes of remote sensing, GIS, navigation and computer network, to provide big data service technologies and platforms for the industries of surveying and mapping, navigation, weather, remote sensing, disaster reduction, public safety and so on. For the first time, the integrated organization and application of big data about earth, sea, sky and aerospace were realized in the country. It primarily reached the engineering capability, and participated in promoting the construction of national grid standard system.

●spatio-temporal Big Data Grid Management Service Platform Software——iWhereLink

IWhereLink multi-source data integration software aims to connect and integrate various internal data of governments, enterprises and institutions, and construct a set of unified and reliable data management system that supports other applications on such basis to make managers screen the data information related to the business from huge database, and combines with data visualization technology and partial grid coding technology to provide users with services, such as efficient query, statistics, and analysis, etc..

●spatio-temporal Big Data Grid Management Service Platform Software——iWhereServer

IWhereServer spatio-temporal big data service software provides the geographic information data management and publishing service functions, supports various vector raster data sources and custom data sources, and supports hundreds of projection models and multiple map output formats. On the basis of WEB services, it realizes the application and management of geographic information among multiple users surrounding one set of data and one service; based on Beidou grid code, it provides partial grid services, and can be seamlessly integrated into the original geographic information application system.

●spatio-temporal Big Data Grid Management Service Platform Software——iWhereVideo

IWhereVideo video-related big data grid management software uniformly codes, manages, integrates, exploits and applies the video contents through the spatio-temporal grid integrated coding model, and creates a video big data platform based on spatio-temporal grid video data application, and realizes the grid management to videos and the urgent linkage command to emergencies.

●spatio-temporal Big Data Grid Management Service Platform Software——iWhereGlobal

IWhereGlobal true 3D data ball software is an interactive true 3D environment software system product. Supported by geographical space subdivision grid coding frame, it stacks aerial images, satellite data, digital elevation model, electromagnetic field data, and other 2D and 3D information sources, to quickly create an interactive true 3D environment scene, which can realize the effective organization, management and dispatching of multi-source data about earth, sea, sky and aerospace. It owns the ability of integrating simulation calculation and expression.

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