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Watertek Group mainly provides development, simulation and test products of embedded system critical for safety, equipment integrated support products, and consulting services. Our Group already has over 20 years of development and experience.

①Embedded System Testing

It includes software engineering, aviation bus simulation test, system-level fault injection, system-level simulation testing, and integration of test application system. The software test and high-speed aviation bus simulation testing technology takes the leading position in the country. We provide professional products, tools and complete solutions for industry customers. With long-term accumulation of technical experience and the advantage of tracking international advanced technologies, we always provide efficient and comprehensive technical supports and consulting services for industry users.

②Equipment Integrated Support

In this field, we are mainly engaged in the research of equipment testability, equipment fault diagnosis and equipment health management technology, and the development of products. The main products include GATE, TADS testability modeling software and IceBlade fault injection system, etc.. Our Group owns the experience and ability in the construction of equipment testability laboratory, and has the conditions and teams to conduct testability verifying test.

③Broadband Area Communication

In this field, we are mainly engaged in developing communication & command systems with 4G TDD-LTE technology and Ad-Hoc technology, based on independent intellectual property rights. The main products include base band unit, radio frequency unit, network switching unit, multimedia dispatching unit, network management unit, broadband router forwarding unit, vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal, handheld intelligent terminal, headset protection terminal, high-speed data transmission terminal and other main equipment.

④Electronic Component Testing

In this field, we provide independent and professional third-party inspection, environmental testing and relevant technical service. Businesses include the testing, screening and destructive physical analysis (DPA) of electronic components, the testing of the environment adaptability and reliability about components, parts and whole machine. Our Group provides services for the high-reliability equipment in the fields of aviation, aerospace, electronics, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, oil, automobile, communication, transportation, railways and so on.

⑤Beidou Navigation System

Beidou Navigation is a self-developed navigation system in our country. In Beidou Navigation System, our company mainly produces measuring antenna: with high gain and high stable phase center, mainly used in millimeter-level measurement, and applied in the ground monitoring fields like bridge deformation and landslides; hand-held antenna: with high gain and wide beam, mainly used for the geodetic mapping of high precision; aerial antenna: with high gain, wide beam and high dynamic stability, mainly used for airborne navigation; anti-interference array antenna: with high gain and electrical rotation symmetry, mainly used in the anti-interference application of onboard equipment; Tiantong antenna: with small volume, light weight and wide beam, mainly used for satellite communication. VHF/UHF onboard antenna: with small volume and high dynamic stability, mainly used for onboard data transmission.

⑥Self-controlled Information Products in Key Industries

●Self-controlled Embedded Operating System

The self-controlled embedded operating system SylixOS is the only one large embedded real-time operating system that owns completely independent intellectual property rights in China; the independent rate of kernel reaches 100%. It provides services such as plug and play, and modularization, and supports high-performance processors like Loongson, FantArt and PowerPC. This operating system is powerful in function and excellent in performance; it can completely replace VXworks and RTEMS.

● “Smart Cloud” Super Integration System

It is a soft-hard service system based on domestic Fantart 1500 CPU and self-developed Navistor storage system. This system integrates computing services, network switching, data storage, and security management. The product modality includes convenient box-type frame and combined rack-mount frame. It can build highly efficient and flexibly intensive data center, and ensure flexible disassembly and assembly in various environments, and play the role of data center with downsizing equipment.


Radio Frequency Hybrid-Signal Chip Design

Xingyuan mainly engaged in the authorization and chip design of high-end RF hybrid-signal IP(180nm/130nm/55nm or below). Xingyuan is aimed to designing low cost,low power consumption and high performance produces and providing all-round services including the design of circuit,layout,chip and system solution for customers,.Xingyuan remains dedicated to developing in the field of low-power Internet of Things,satellite navigation,radar electronic application and mobile communication network optimization and so on.  


Member Enterprises

Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd.(embedded system test, equipment integrated support, broadband area communication)

Shanghai Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd.(embedded system test, equipment integrated support, broadband area communication)

Chengdu Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd.(embedded system test, equipment integrated support, broadband area communication)

Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd.(Xi'an Office)(embedded system test, equipment integrated support, broadband area communication)

Xi'an XiGu Microelectronics Co., Ltd.(electronic component testing)

Chengdu Water Star-source Information Technology Co.,Ltd(Radio Frequency Mixed-Signal Chip Design)

Beijing Watertek_Sinda Technology Co., Ltd.(Beidou Navigation)

Beijing Navistar Cloud Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(self-controlled “Smart Cloud” Super Integrated System)

Shenyang Xuanfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.(high-end unmanned aerial vehicle)

Beijing Acoinfo Information Technology co. Ltd(self-controlled embedded operating system)

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