Stock Code:300324Stock Abbreviation: Watertek Information

Company’s Full Name: 北京旋极信息技术股份有限公司
English Name: Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Registered Address: Floor 1–Floor 5-101, Building 12, Courtyard 3, Fengxiu Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing City
Abbreviation of Company: Watertek Information
Legal Representative: Chen Jiangtao
Chairman Secretary: Huang Haitao
Registered Capital (ten thousand yuan): 99,996.62
Industry: Software and Information Technology Service Industry
Postal Code: 100094
Company Tel: 010-82885950
Company Fax: 010-82885950
Company Website:
Listing Time: 2012/6/8
Share Offering Time: 2012/5/30
Number of Issued Shares (ten thousand shares): 1,400
Issue Price (yuan): 27
IPO P/E ratio (multiple): 36.99
Issuing Way: Issuing through Offline Enquiry, Issuing through Online Pricing
Principal Underwriter: Ping An Securities Co., Ltd.
Recommender of Listing Stock:
Sponsor Institution: Ping An Securities Co., Ltd.

Address:Building No.12,Compound No.3,Fengxiu Middle Street,Haidian District,Beijing / Zip code:100094 / TEL:010-82695000 010-82883933 / Fax:010-82883858

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